TOEBI 4 Years Old

Wow, that was a slow progress year indeed, at least visibly. I have studied various topics (i.e. electromagnetic, gravitational interaction, QM) more thoroughly and figured out how various phenomena related to studied topics emerge from TOEBI artifacts. Next step is to write those observations and Eureka moments down, needed but more boring part of the job. Few FTE density experiments were done but those went awry (i.e. Reduced FTE Density), despite those failures, new experiments are cooking.

After 4 years my pace for developing TOEBI has gone down considerably, interests change my friend. I have also noticed that the slower pace enables me enjoy more of the journey, taking side roads once in awhile is refreshing. Also achieving the new level/paradigm in physics might come with a hefty price, hence no hurries here. Bottom line, the ultimate reason for the journey is to gain understanding about the deepest mechanisms of Nature, quantum mechanism is just an interface for those mechanisms.

I hope you have had a great summer so far. Keep on rocking!

9 thoughts on “TOEBI 4 Years Old

  1. Wow, time flies by indeed!
    Been watching TOEBI over a long period and think there is some very interesting ideas here.
    Keep up the good work, Kimmo 🙂

  2. Thanks gregor! In order to get TOEBI really successful I need a trained physicist to collaborate with, preferable a particle physicist. Meanwhile, I learn underlying physics as much as possible by myself.

  3. I am an experimental physicist just freshly starting my PhD.
    You work looks like some interesting ideas but not fully developed.
    I refer in particular to “The Mechanism” in Toebi2.0 paper.

    I would like to discuss your work in our seminar, but need
    more details on that issue. ..

    Do you have any idea, when you next update “The Mechanism”
    chapter in Toebi2.0???

  4. Hi LiClark,

    You asked a very good question… when indeed? I can’t promise any speedy delivery but when it should be available? I haven’t put too much of an effort on it lately.

    In its essence, the mechanism relies partly on a sort of Bernoulli principle (in cases of gravitational and magnetic interactions). Other interactions emerge from the different FTE & particle combination phenomena (i.e. too low surrounding FTE density).

  5. That’s a pitty… Fall semester starts in September and we currently hold informal
    seminar for starting PhDs to evaluate the upcoming research direction. I was
    hoping that I might be able present your work together with my ideas to my supervisor
    until beginning of September.

  6. Lol, “jkl” is a troll from Japan who pops in on time to time with various nicknames. Anyway, I’ll get back to you later today.

    edit: tomorrow it is..

  7. I would like to know more about your plans before putting hours on the update. You could email me ( and tell me some exact details. Fair enough?

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