ToEbi 2 Years Old

Well well well… time flies indeed. In last year’s “interview” I speculated that in optimistic scenario ToEbi might break through in next 12 months, but it didn’t. Next 12 months don’t look any better in that sense either. Why? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences, and ToEbi surely belongs to the category.

I could write dozens of papers and talk with hundreds of physicists with very little traction. I have suggested all kinds of experiments to various physicists and asked penetrating questions in differents venues, all in vain. But there is also physicists who listens at first but after awhile get covered with disbelief and denial. Digging one’s head under the sand is always wise and productive, not!

What can I do? It depends on what I want. Do I know what I really want? I’m not so sure anymore. Anyway, now I know what the great filter is and the answer to Fermi paradox, that’s something, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “ToEbi 2 Years Old

  1. > I KNOW what the great filter is and the answer to Fermi paradox

    Can you elaborate on this?

  2. I did not really understood that article.

    Maybe you could briefly explain:

    Why the paradox, that we would statistically expect aliens, but practically don’t recognize them, can be solved by ToEbi ?

  3. Because the great filter (GRB caused by civilisations) prevents civilisations from contacting other civilisations. ToEbi predicts that it’s possible to ignite the chain reaction which annihilates a planet.

  4. So you mean:
    Every other civilization extinct themselves (because of ToEbi anti-matter bombs), before we had a chance to talk to them?

  5. But what about those civilizations that use ToEbi for the good.

    Why do we not see signals from them?

  6. It might have something to do with the concept “the great filter”. It’s just too damn easy to wipe out a whole planet (if you know the technique).

  7. @dwarf Possibly so 🙁 Anyway, I’m confident that eventually mainstream physics realizes the true nature of particles, even without my distribution… it just takes much longer time.

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