Status Report

It’s about time to make a status report… What’s going on? What will happen?

Nothing big is happening. My CERN contact is working but I haven’t heard any news so far. We’ll see… I haven’t got any extra time for TOEBI development. It’s hard to make a progress when most of my time goes into other activities. This can’t go like this, I need a sponsor (governmental, foundation, private person or private company) who is willing to gamble with my antimatter idea. Positive outcome would guarantee adequate funding for TOEBI development, that’s for sure.

I’m going to focus, at least for now, on hunting such a sponsor. General development of TOEBI can wait, I have nothing to win from that activity. All the rest available time goes into developing experiments related to my antimatter idea. So it might be that my activity in TOEBI blog goes down, at least temporarily.

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