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Christmas is coming! But that’s not the topic of this post… In this post I want to go through some thoughts of mine regarding where TOEBI stands, what has happened, what will happen next and also thank Berry and Yop thoroughly.

TOEBI history started in summer of 2012. I wondered in couple of discussions with my friend about the essence of mass. What mass is? At that point there were no idea for it, but the thinking process kind of stucked on. Every now and then I thought about the question, draw some sketches and made visualization in my mind. I like to visualize subatomic processes in my mind even today and I also think that the ultimate TOE must work based on concrete objects (visualizable in one’s mind).

At first I played around with mass and gravitational interaction. After a while I had created initial pet theory which seemed to work well enough (little I knew). On top of that I started to wonder if the same equation would work with particles. Naturally I realized pretty soon how complex the behaviour would be with particles so the development of proper mathematics for it took the second place because I realized mind blowing thing… particles are actually their own antiparticles! In certain conditions it’s possible to annihilate those particles without the multibillion equipment ran by hundreds of physicists.

Such a realization took over my TOEBI time resources pretty effectively. I could harness antimatter for energy production… that would be something! Developing TOEBI in other branches didn’t interest me anymore. I started to create contacts with experimental physicists in venues like ResearchGate. I had talks with few physicists but nothing materialized immediately. I still have few potential contacts, so let’s hope for the best! But then something strange happened… two physicists, Berry and Yop came around, with attitude of course, but that’s perfectly understandable. It was earned…

I had been beating my drum as loud as possible, provoking people with great headlines. Eventually I got what I wanted, feedback from real physicists. I was challenged, finally. For Berry and Yop my theory and its potential applications was a challenge… In what sense? Well, they both represent mainstream physics with mainstream theories etc. Crash and burn was, and still is, the target. They really want to see how crackpot takes the beating. During the process my thinking got sharper and I also got inspired for developing TOEBI once again, I found the spark! I got also good advices from these guys. Therefore, dear Berry and Yop, I thank you from bottom of my heart! I’m back baby!

What next? For sure, I’ll keep on developing TOEBI in more rigorous manner, I have the motivation again. Naturally I’ll keep on looking for the proper collaborator to my annihilation experiment. Doing it by myself isn’t possible in my current phase of life. But that’s fine, more time for the theory developing… I’m excited!

For Finnish readers, Happy Independence Day!!!

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