No Place To Hide (Snowden)

I bought and read Glenn Greenwald’s book, No Place To Hide. It didn’t reveal too much of a new information on NSA mass surveillance program but never the less, it was very interesting inside story of the whole episode. Also, by buying the book, I did support financially mr. Greenwald’s efforts!

Book gave a good overlook in general how U.S. government disregards the privacy of an ordinary human being. It tries to collect all available data with its partners, and unfortunately Finland is one of those partners. Although, Finnish authorities claim that the collaboration is done purely on military issues. Well, what’s the definition of military issues? It might be rather broad definition indeed 😉

Another amazing thing is how obedient U.S. news organisations are. They, according to the book, have to consult with the government before releasing a potentially bad looking information! Wow! That ain’t free press to me. Fortunately, everyone can get a second opinion or a different point of view on broadcasted matters from other sources.

I’ll bet mr. Greenwald’s book will be a huge hit!

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