Particle Fever

I just managed to watch the movie, Particle Fever. Even though all of its grounds are not in line with TOEBI, especially that Higgs boson and its meaning, I kind of liked the outcome. First of all, the underlying story was just great. Huge amounts of time and money were spend along those years from the idea to the “discovery”, so many intelligent people were involved and so on… and even though I don’t buy Higgs boson and related field as a mass producer entity, I got a bit of emotional during the announcement at CERN. What a great story and a great movie!

In my previous Higgs related post I kind of went on full blown ranting mode, but to my excuse, it happened when I was young and furious 😉 See, people do change, no ranting anymore… And in that previous post, I also predicted that with higher energies we might get new particles. Well, to be honest, new particles are detected already with existing energies, so that prediction wasn’t that amazing.

Hopefully, some day, I manage get enough time to really ponder new Standard Model out, so far, TOEBI needs only FTEPs, electrons and photons, everything else is a pretty much some sort of combination of those three and/or particles spinning with different frequencies, but I won’t go into details in this post.

Conclusion: Check out the movie and enjoy the excitement!

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