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I had my one week early summer vacation and I headed to Stockholm with my family. We just browsed through the usual attractions and from my request we visited also Nobel museum in Gamla Stan, kind of small and crowded place I would say. I suggest that one should visit the place absolutely off-season. Here are the mandatory pictures from the museum… with about 1.5 EUR one can buy her own (sweat) Nobel prize and no, I didn’t buy one.

20150603_112601 20150603_113114

The best place for me was the shop at the museum, there was all sorts of tourist stuff but also a bunch of interesting books related to sciences. One member from our traveling party purchased me a book as a souvenir and so I did select Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions!

First of all, the book was kind of hard to read, used language was very elaborate and I lost frequently the thread in a sentence. Nevertheless the message itself was loud and clear, paradigms do change via scientific crisis, albeit extremely slowly on human timescale. Well, no news here… almost! Because physics is currently experiencing a huge crisis. Dark matter and energy as its main issues. Problems with gravitational interaction in theory wise, variations with \(G\), flyby anomalies, what are mass and inertia. Wasted years with String theories etc. Also by reading some of the physics blogs one can notice how viciously trained physicists attack on the alternative theories, just as described in Kuhn’s book (first printed in 1962), paradigms defend themselves. It’s ok to attack an alternative theory if it sucks from a mile’s distance but if a theory shows some potential it should be explored a bit more and yes, TOEBI belongs to the later category.

Naturally I believe that the next big paradigm will be TOEBI which is able to include quantum theory, relativity theories and explain dark matter and energy, all the ingredients for the theory of everything. According to Kuhn, I most likely won’t enjoy the fruits of TOEBI because a paradigm shift takes so much time, bummer! That might be the case indeed, however, I have an ace in my sleeve… antimatter!

According to TOEBI, one can annihilate particles without at first generating contemporary antiparticles with various contemporary ways. The biggest challenge is to control particles’ spinning orientation and keep them at the wanted orientation before putting them together. If that can be done then annihilation through particle-particle interaction will be doable. I have previously presented that with two solid hydrogen blocks one can accomplish a major simultaneous annihilation event. The problem is that a block of solid hydrogen induces an unwanted spinning axis motion (rotation) for the contained protons.

One solution could be the usage of two solid hydrogen monolayers… Anyway, my point is that by succeeding in this annihilation endeavor I might be able to see and enjoy the future TOEBI paradigm. Now I’m “enjoying” a flu picked up from my Stockholm visit… Hot tea and honey, please!

5 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. Wrong, paradigm shift might be knocking at the door, but it certainly ain’t TOEBI.

    TOEBI fails miserably at explaining anything beyond few specific cases of 1 our 4 major interactions. It even fails at explaining how its basic particles, known as FTEPs, interact with each other. We still don’t even know what happens if two such particles collide.

    So, honestly, you could probably afford a subscription to nature or science, and look at what science is really headed before making such pretentious statements.

  2. Nope, it doesn’t.

    It will the day there’s something written in the vicinity of “two particles with original position r1, r2, speed vector v1, v2 and spinning vector f1 and f2 collide. Resulting speed vector, positions and spinning vector are as follow: mgnggiognerger”.

    This day, you’ll make your statement. And TOEBI will have started for real.

  3. After I’m finished with FTEP Dynamics paper we can calculate things you described above. Even though I haven’t updated the paper very frequently I have done research about the issues. I shall deliver…

  4. What are you saying? If you can’t calculate the above, you can’t calculate FTEP dynamics… FTEP dynamics is the result of interaction between FTEP individual interactions…


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