Happy Holidays!

It would have looked silly to wish a merry Christmas so soon after the previous Christmas post and so few posts between. What can I say? I haven’t discarded TOEBI but putting energy into writing something meaningful just didn’t happen. More energy has gone into studying physics which is always good. At the same time, I’m reflecting how things might work at ether level.

Bottom line is that everything interesting in physics seem to emerge from ether vortices… My previous post touched those vortices at galactic scales. What I didn’t mention was that the same vortex behavior could explain dark energy. There just is large enough FTEP vortices which aren’t contained inside any other vortex hence get pushed away from each other.

But explaining existing phenomena is postdicting and not so exciting per se. My prediction is that it’s possible to accelerate radioactive decay all the way up to the point where proton decay starts to occur. Proper understanding on how things work in subatomic level in ether will teach us how to do that. Meanwhile… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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