FQXi Essay Contest – Spring, 2015

Once again FQXi Community put up an essay contest, this time with theme Trick or Truth: the Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics. I have pondered the issue previously so I decided to participate the contest. My essay, “Mathematics, Physics and Nature” looks at the connection through TOEBI glasses and hopefully it receives constructive and interested feedback from the other contestants. In couple of days my essay will be visible and also you can participate the conversation in FQXi’s contest forum.

So, what’s my essay all about? As you probably already know, Force Transfer Ether (FTE) plays a huge role in TOEBI. FTE enables particle interactions and its density affects the magnitude of interactions as well as the rate of measured time. I tried to put all the interesting and relevant information regarding FTE into the essay but in reality an accurate explanation and coverage would require a series of books and tons of additional work.

Writing my essay explains partially the recent silence in TOEBI blog and I also recently purchased Celestron Omni XLT 127 telescope… needless to say, fooling around with quality telescope consumes enormous amounts of time. Luckily it’s a hobby for whole family!

2 thoughts on “FQXi Essay Contest – Spring, 2015

  1. Dear Dr. Rouvari,

    An interesting essay!
    Wish you good luck with the entry.

    F. Jonker

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