Two Way Street

Couple of weeks ago I did realize that I can also go into the opposite direction… opposite to reducing FTE density. How about increasing it? What good comes out of that? Well… something quite extraordinary and unbelievable, anti-gravity, sort of. I have never thought that anti-gravity could be possible in any way, but now I have reconsidered my opinion, it might be possible after all.

It all comes down to the mechanism behind gravitational interaction according to TOEBI. Subtle difference of the FTE density between the sides of particles causes gravitational interaction. Slightly greater FTE density next to side facing a gravitating object generates a smaller pressure towards the particle than on the other side, kind of Bernoulli’s principle at work at subatomic level. Spinning particle generated flow of FTEPs is the substance at work in this case. Described process is the mechanism behind gravitational interaction according to TOEBI.

Here comes the fun part… it should be possible to generate higher local FTE density with magnets! Just by doing the reverse what was described in the reduced  FTE experiment. We need a setup where FTEP fluxes have the opposite momentum, that in principle should stall the fluxes and generate higher local FTE density which could be used in this new anti-gravity experiment.

Next step is to put an object on top of scale just under the volume having this higher than normal FTE density. What should happen is a slight decrease with the object’s observed mass. Amazingly easy experiment don’t you think? There is at least one major obstacle, how to stall the fluxes for real? Yes, opposite FTEP flow momenta help but how to stall the fluxes and increase the local FTE density? Magnet generated FTEP fluxes are too bound to their sources a.k.a to ordered electrons i.e. in solid magnets. If we put two repelling magnets close to each other their FTEP fluxes will have the opposite momenta but this just causes the familiar repulsive phenomenon. What we need is at least two unbound FTEP fluxes having the opposite momentum!

Unfortunately, I haven’t found out the setup capable of generating these unbound FTEP fluxes, but I’ll keep on searching. From the lessons of Bullet Cluster one can say that those FTEP flows or fluxes don’t interact too easily…

6 thoughts on “Two Way Street

  1. I recognized that toebi was pretty successful in the beginning, but seems to run a bit dry now. Any plans for the future?

  2. Hi admirala and welcome! Hmm… indeed, nowadays the pace has slowed down. There are so many reasons for it (work, family, need for variety etc), however I’m still working on TOEBI and my research has pretty much focused on the topic of FTE density manipulation (as you might have noticed based on the latest posts).

  3. ” There are so many reasons for it (work, family, need for variety etc)”

    And the fact that only two commenters destroyed almost all you theory and pointed out its lack of coherence is in the “etc”?

  4. “the fact that only two commenters destroyed almost all you theory”

    That statement is exaggerated in my opinion and it is “your theory” not “you theory” and “two commentators” not “two commenters”.

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