Galaxy Rotation Curve – v2.0

You are most likely familiar with the concept of galaxy rotation curve, so I cut to the point. We don’t need dark matter to hold up our more or less constant orbital velocities (measured values in line B), we better call it FTEPs from now on…

Picture from Wikipedia

Centripetal force, which keeps those stars on their orbits, behaves like this \[F = \frac{mv^2}{R}\] and in this case the force is generated by \[F = \frac{GmM}{R^2}\] What’s the problem? Let’s see \[\frac{mv^2}{R} = \frac{GmM}{R^2}\] so we get \[\text{constant} \approx v^2 = \frac{GM}{R}\]

We pretty much know how normal matter is distributed around a disk galaxy, and therefore mainstream physics has stumbled on the matter (pun unintended) and hit its head on dark matter.

If you look at the issue from TOEBI POV the answer is (now) obvious! If velocity stays pretty much stable and \(G\) won’t increase at the same rate as distance then something’s gotta give! It’s the mass, but not the mass we can observe directly, hence scientists call it as dark matter. Particle mass emerges from particle’s surface area (linked to its cross section), spinning frequency and the amount of FTEPs it can bound to itself by those first two ingredients.

Space itself is filled with FTEPs. Around mass concentrations most of these FTEPs are leftovers from the together gathered particles, mass defect in greater scale so to speak. FTEPs themselves clump together pretty weakly if at all, so when orbiting stars deflect FTEPs around the highest velocity FTEPs go towards the outer parts of a galaxy in plane wise manner. Observed wave patterns in galaxy arms might emerge from these millions of FTEP deflection phenomena along the galaxy arms.

At some point, deflected FTEPs starts to build up due to lost momentum, pretty much similarly than in case of some particle interactions described by TOEBI. Nevertheless, the outcome from increased FTE density will be an increased gravitational interaction as described in The Mechanism blog post.

What I now need to do is to calculate how things would emerge for example in our galaxy according to the above description. Before that I have to finish off my current project on FTEP dynamics.

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