Where Are The Results NASA? (Juno)

What a heck? It has been over year from the flyby but no results released by NASA. How hard that can be? Seriously. NASA could have put like a short tweet or something out for two weeks after the flyby… but nooo! I wonder why…?

Maybe those results are buried under somebody’s backyard or something? Are those results classified for some reason? Anyway, my prediction \(1.09\) mm/s at perigee looks pretty strong, at least when I retrodict those previous flybys with my formula.

Update: I had a quite interesting tweet exchange with Mike McCulloch who told that he got confirmation from former NASA employee that there wasn’t any anomalous velocity increase with Juno Earth flyby. On top of that, he got that information only a week after the flyby.

Weird part is that in AGU Fall Meeting 2013 there was an ePoster (which is now non-accessible, here’s its abstract thou) which said that the data analysis is still ongoing. It included also a picture which kind of hinted that some kind of anomalous increase was measurable… pretty strange! On the other hand, Mike told that there is some “tension” regarding these flyby anomalies in NASA.

I’m puzzled! No other options than waiting and trying to probe more info from NASA.

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