Tickling The Dragon’s Tail

Update 02/28: By using my magnets and Americium I couldn’t detect increased gamma ray production rate. The problem was that I couldn’t get my Geiger counter inside the setup hence the experiment’s casing (including magnets) absorbed pretty much all of the produced gamma rays leaving me only the background radiation level (~20 microSv/h).

As hindsight, I should have also used alpha radiation detector with Americium because that’s the main radiation type coming out of it. So, lessons learned… a) I need a bigger setup capable of holding a radiation meter inside it. b) Either alpha radiation detector or a different radioactive material is needed. I think alpha radiation detector is the easier option.

Nevertheless, I have spent too much time of my time on this project, so I have to have a little break. Anyway, I’ll have another try later this spring with proper equipment/material.


Ok, let’s start the dance! In between 15. and 29. of February I’m conducting a series of new enhanced experiments on the phenomenon of reduced FTE density. There is a three possible outcomes, negative, expected and over the top.

Negative outcome means that I can’t measure increased radioactivity decay rate from my Americium-241 sample. If that’s the case, I’m done with TOEBI, seriously. Even though, in deep down, I believe I’m onto something fundamental about Nature. Maybe somebody more capable pulls the rabbit out of TOEBI, so to speak.

Expected outcome means significantly increased radioactivity decay rate. Because TOEBI is living its infancy I can’t calculate the exact value for the increase, nevertheless, it should be easily detectable. If that’s the case, I’ll get busy with writing patent applications and finding collaborators for the further studies and applications.

Over the top means that on top of the increased radioactive decay (mainly from Am->Np) rate I’ll manage producing various other decay chains, perhaps all the way down to (never-seen-before) proton decay. What would this outcome mean? I have absolutely no idea.

Let’s hope for the best!

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