Proof For The Mechanism

Update: Actually that experiment must be done between N-N or S-S magnetic poles. TOEBI 2.0 released later will explain why.

I figured out a pretty easy way to prove TOEBI description for particle interactions. You need only a magnetic field, a laser and a decent photodetector. According to TOEBI, the mechanism behind the attractive force between magnetic poles is due to a spinning vector pattern which allows the accumulation of FTEPs on the electron’s side facing the other magnetic pole.

Accumulation of FTEPs means an increased FTE density which has its consequences… for example, if we send light into this increased FTE density it would experience “gravitational” blue shifting. Those quotes are used because in reality we are not increasing the mass which normally causes the phenomenon,  but we are increasing the FTE density due to those colliding FTEP fluxes from electrons in each magnetic pole.

The greatest increase of the FTE density happens near the interacting electrons, hence the blue shifting phenomenon should be observable near those electrons (a.k.a. near the surfaces of the poles). How big the blue shifting will be? I can’t answer that at the moment because I’m not done with the FTEP dynamics research yet. Picture below describes the experimental setup.

mechanism_experimentLaser shoots photons with known wavelength into the magnetic field as close as possible to one of the poles. Laser is outside the magnetic field. Photodetector must be put inside the magnetic field so that it can detect the blue shifted light. If the photodetector is put outside the magnetic field the light coming out of the magnetic field experiences red shifting (due to decreased FTE density) and the photodetector measures the initial wavelength coming from the laser.

If one puts up the described experimental setup it would be reasonable to make measurements throughout the whole gap between the poles. Electromagnet would be also nice, one could alter the force between the poles and see how it affects the predicted blue shifting phenomenon. Of course, increasing the force can be done with permanent magnets by decreasing the gap between the poles.

If the predicted blue shifting is detected it supports the TOEBI mechanism behind particle interactions, in this case between electrons.

Update: At least MRS photodiode won’t suffer from strong magnetic fields.

4 thoughts on “Proof For The Mechanism

  1. People shooting lasers in intense electromagnetic field… Done hundred of times… People even shoot laser WITH intense electromagnetic field.

    Seriously, look for Kerr and Pockells effect.

    It’s amazing that once again you didn’t even imagine to look at the existing…

  2. Ok, you might want to think again about the link between your proposed setup and what the people using strong electro-magnetic fields to modify photons behavior do.

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