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Do You Want Live Longer?

I’m, for some reason, very idea rich individual. So in one day (tongue-in-cheek) I suggested to my wife that we should install a huge spinning (spin axes vertically) spheres horizontally around our house. The idea wasΒ that FTEP flux from those spinning spheres would generate more dense FTE inside the houseΒ and as we know by ToEbi that would mean changes in the duration of one second πŸ˜‰ You should read Atom Model and Relativity for more details.

Well, in reality who the heck would like to have a huge (at high rate) spinning balls behind one’s bedroom walls? On the other hand, in an extreme imaginary case, after 8 hours of sleep one might realize that (s)he has lost his/her job, friends and relatives due to time dilation. But if you had a fatal disease without cure you might grasp the opportunity! Naturally there would be various other scenarios which might push people into the choice of using time dilation for their purposes.

Anyway, the description above can be used as a basis for the future experiments, although with smaller objects πŸ˜‰

Who’s The Leader?

Country (or countries) who adopts first the ToEbi predicted antimatter phenomena and technology has a HUGE advantage over the other countries in every way. It will be very entertaining to see how events emerge in future. Key roles are possessed by U.S., China, India, Ukraine, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. I’m currently collaborating with physicists from Saudi Arabia, so that country is definitely among the front runners.

Some serious interest is coming also (for some reason) from Ukraine, Iran and Israel. I can understand Iran and Israel, but Ukraine? I’m clueless on that one. Well, what ever the reason is… good for you Ukraine! πŸ™‚

China and U.S. generate a lots of scientific trafficΒ to this site, general blog readers as well as paper downloads. By scientific traffic I mean traffic originated from universities, labs (like Fermilab) and high tech companies. Certainly there is something cooking under the surface… When we will hear about the outcomes? Good question… From my behalf everything will be ready during this year. Ok, I can’t predict how long it takes to get our results published, but it shouldn’t take too long (scientific letter).

We are living in extremely exciting era in physics!Β I better make some popcorn, sit back, put my feet up and watch the show, at least when it hits the fan πŸ˜€ One more thing… China and Saudi Arabia are the leaders at the moment!

One Year Blogged

I got a notification from WordPress software that I have blogged a whole year now. Time really flies (no it doesn’t, time is an abstract concept)! πŸ™‚ It has been very fruitful experience, I mean, most of the times I have been writing these blog posts when the rest of my family is still sleeping. House is totally quiet, there is just me, my thoughts and laptop, and perhaps a soft voice from air conditioner. In such situation, I can enter the flow state, writing is easy and my thoughts are crystal clear. Most of the times, I spend this prime time for writing the book.

Speaking about the book… I have something like 35 pages more or less ready. It’s going to be great, a perfect paradigm buster. As a bonus, there is a decent chance that my antimatter idea will be tested and published before the book is ready! That will help the selling a bit πŸ˜‰

What else? There has been lively discussions about potential future VLHC (100 TeV hadron collider). How to create a case for it and so forth. Many are also hoping that Chinese might build the one. Bleeding edge particle physicists are trying to convince Chinese that the investment would be worthwhile. I bet they are trying anything, presenting biased scientific facts, having parties with Chinese, describing future China as particle research superpower. All this functions in two ways, they might get Chinese involved with the project or they might get some rival country committed instead. Very crafty indeed!

Who ever will build the thing (hopefully nobody), they are seriously wasting their time and money. Colliding particles in order to create “heavier” particles is a dead end, first of all, those particles are not even heavier, they have just decreased spin frequencies due to collision(s) and this is seen in a form of less sharply bend trajectories in magnetic field. Doing science based on totally flawed interpretations from the nature is just plain stupid and again, complete waste of time and money. Just don’t do it!

Let’s keep on blogging!

What’s Up Doc?

Not that much… Taking care of my daytime job and family, trying to write a book, waiting Juno’s flyby results and news from annihilation experiments etc. Business as usual πŸ™‚ For a guy like me, who wants things to happen quickly, this is very teaching period. These things don’t happen quickly! I have only those 24 hours per day as everybody else. I have heard scientists envy Stephen Hawking because he doesn’t have to do nothing but make science, his staff takes care of mundane everyday tasks. Now I understand those comments totally πŸ˜‰ (Don’t take that too seriously!)

But to be honest, things could be better. Doing science as my daytime job would ease my multitasking efforts considerably. The problem is that I don’t want to work in the conventional way, getting my PhD, working as researcher at university or stuff like that. It wouldn’t change anything. Most likely I would have to teach students, apply grants and take care of other administrative tasks. All this with much lower salary than in my current job! No way Jose! I’m looking for much more independent position or situation. Hopefully I can achieve that in a year or two.

Meanwhile, let’s keep on rocking! πŸ˜‰


ιžεΈΈζ„Ÿθ°’δ½ ηš„ε–„θ‰―ηš„ε…΄θΆ£

I have noticed that many of my blog readers are from China and I’m very happy about it πŸ™‚ China has been, is currently, and will be a technological superpower, so interest from country like China is very welcome. Naturally, I do respect many countries but Chinese people seem to be the most entrepreneurial spirited and very fast learners. Good for them, or maybe I should say, good for you!

Every country has its own problems so I don’t bother to whine about those things too much. But for comparison, people tend to talk about human rights issues in China but at the same time, U.S. is killing innocent people (and yes, bad people too) with their drones and secret operations, sending people into the known and unknown camps for unknown periods of time, torturing them, spying their own citizens (and others) and so on. You got my point, right? πŸ˜‰ Nobodies perfect and same applies to countries.

Maybe some day, I’ll get an invitation from official China to speak about ToEbi, you never know πŸ˜€



How Should Humanity Steer the Future?

The doors are open! First essays are now public in FQXi 2014 Essay Contest, including my piece, Plan. How should humanity steer the future? That is an excellent question. Naturally every participant has his/her own opinion about it and so reading those essays will be so much fun πŸ™‚ Participants in FQXi Essay Contest represent wide variety of scientific thinkers. I think majority of the authors are professional scientists and the rest are independent researchers and armchair physicists.

Based on community votes, 40 top essays go to the final. However, FQXi members go straight to the final so those participants eat few seats from that 40. Last year, my position was something like 80./160 or something like that. Hopefully, this year I can climb up into 60 or so πŸ˜€ We’ll see…

To be honest, originally I decided not to participate this year’s contest but Philip Gibbs said that I should do it for the science (what ever that meant). So I thought, what a heck πŸ˜€

Creating something new is hard

Now said, it sounds extremely trivial. But experiencing it by yourself, you’ll really feel it. Frustration, anxiety, false hope, long hours etc. Richard Feynman described the process with very funny analogy. It’s like being a monkey with two sticks and hanging banana. In order to get the banana, those two sticks must be joined together then you can reach it. Doing such a thing at the first time can be quite frustrating for a monkey πŸ™‚

Learning something new (in lectures, from books, etc) is also hard, but not as hard as creating something new. So, why people do such thing as creating something new? Are they stupid or something? πŸ™‚ May be… I have thought my motives for my Via Dolorosa. Can I count “it’s bugging me” as a motive? That’s the best I can come up with. From time to time, money is one motive. But after looking at my track record I can forget those big bucks, hence “it’s bugging me” is the all I got πŸ˜€

Based on this post I can conclude that it’s the time to start conducting my experiments again. Most likely I’ll get my chromium samples this week! Update: No I didn’t.

Juno’s Earth Flyby Anomaly

What the fuck? There was three scientists sitting behind the table and telling about scientific issues regarding Juno’s Earth flyby. They presented flyby video and talked about ham radio signals they got and so on… Members of press and like was listening and during the later part they got a chance to ask questions. So they did… but none of them asked about flyby anomaly! And that’s weird. To be honest, more weird is why those three scientists didn’t bring up the subject at the first place, after all, one idea with Juno’s flyby was to gain precise measurements regarding flyby anomaly!

Surely those scientists have their reasons not to tell the results yet, but how none of those press representatives didn’t pop up the question? Were they told not to ask about it yet? I definitely think so, otherwise at leastΒ Emily Lakdawalla would have asked the question (Emily was there). I asked Emily why she didn’t ask about the flyby anomaly and she replied

that’s not something I’m interested in.

What’s happening?

Not that much actually. I have had a very-fucking-long-lasting flu (6 weeks, maybe there was couple of distinct flues), busy at work, broken laptop (Fan died and I’m too lazy to setup my theory development environment into another computer) and so on, kind of anti-golden era of my life πŸ˜€ Other than those things, I’m doing fine. I’m going to get my laptop back next week so good times ahead. At the moment I’m mostly interested in getting Juno’s Earth flyby results. How long can it take? Come on NASA!

It’s also good to have something other than purely theoretical activities.


Early results from high sensitive dark matter hunt are out. Conclusion, there is nothing to see, search elsewhere. Yeah, but where from? Give those theorists a minute or two, they’ll figure out a new direction πŸ™‚ That’s their job! Meanwhile, I laugh and cry at the same time. What a waste of time and money! Doing high tech stuff itself isn’t waste of time or money. There will always happen learning etc. The real problem is that if you believe in dark matter then you can’t eliminate the existence of dark matter with any experiment. You can always invent some new ideas what DM might be and how it’s interacting. Eventually you come up with a solution that DM is there but you can’t put your finger on it. Again, another elephant to hide πŸ™‚

Based on ToEbi, there is no need for dark matter!

But noooo… misguided physicists keep on banging their heads on individual trees in a forest. On the other hand, it’s kind of amusing to follow those sincere attempts to find non-existing stuff. Keep on digging!