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Status Report

It’s about time to make a status report… What’s going on? What will happen?

Nothing big is happening. My CERN contact is working but I haven’t heard any news so far. We’ll see… I haven’t got any extra time for TOEBI development. It’s hard to make a progress when most of my time goes into other activities. This can’t go like this, I need a sponsor (governmental, foundation, private person or private company) who is willing to gamble with my antimatter idea. Positive outcome would guarantee adequate funding for TOEBI development, that’s for sure.

I’m going to focus, at least for now, on hunting such a sponsor. General development of TOEBI can wait, I have nothing to win from that activity. All the rest available time goes into developing experiments related to my antimatter idea. So it might be that my activity in TOEBI blog goes down, at least temporarily.

Special Edition

Christmas is coming! But that’s not the topic of this post… In this post I want to go through some thoughts of mine regarding where TOEBI stands, what has happened, what will happen next and also thank Berry and Yop thoroughly.

TOEBI history started in summer of 2012. I wondered in couple of discussions with my friend about the essence of mass. What mass is? At that point there were no idea for it, but the thinking process kind of stucked on. Every now and then I thought about the question, draw some sketches and made visualization in my mind. I like to visualize subatomic processes in my mind even today and I also think that the ultimate TOE must work based on concrete objects (visualizable in one’s mind).

At first I played around with mass and gravitational interaction. After a while I had created initial pet theory which seemed to work well enough (little I knew). On top of that I started to wonder if the same equation would work with particles. Naturally I realized pretty soon how complex the behaviour would be with particles so the development of proper mathematics for it took the second place because I realized mind blowing thing… particles are actually their own antiparticles! In certain conditions it’s possible to annihilate those particles without the multibillion equipment ran by hundreds of physicists.

Such a realization took over my TOEBI time resources pretty effectively. I could harness antimatter for energy production… that would be something! Developing TOEBI in other branches didn’t interest me anymore. I started to create contacts with experimental physicists in venues like ResearchGate. I had talks with few physicists but nothing materialized immediately. I still have few potential contacts, so let’s hope for the best! But then something strange happened… two physicists, Berry and Yop came around, with attitude of course, but that’s perfectly understandable. It was earned…

I had been beating my drum as loud as possible, provoking people with great headlines. Eventually I got what I wanted, feedback from real physicists. I was challenged, finally. For Berry and Yop my theory and its potential applications was a challenge… In what sense? Well, they both represent mainstream physics with mainstream theories etc. Crash and burn was, and still is, the target. They really want to see how crackpot takes the beating. During the process my thinking got sharper and I also got inspired for developing TOEBI once again, I found the spark! I got also good advices from these guys. Therefore, dear Berry and Yop, I thank you from bottom of my heart! I’m back baby!

What next? For sure, I’ll keep on developing TOEBI in more rigorous manner, I have the motivation again. Naturally I’ll keep on looking for the proper collaborator to my annihilation experiment. Doing it by myself isn’t possible in my current phase of life. But that’s fine, more time for the theory developing… I’m excited!

For Finnish readers, Happy Independence Day!!!

Major Update

Due to major errors in Theory of Everything by Illusion paper I needed to make a major update to it. You can download it from the link on the right area. Major changes are…

  • Third law of TOEBI is dropped out as obsolete
  • Second law of TOEBI fixed (force calculations for elementary particles)
  • Gravitational constant is included as is

There is also fixed multiple smaller errors. Some parts were simply removed as being not relevant.  All of this made Introduction to Theory of Everything by Illusion outdated! Hopefully I’ll manage to update that paper in near future as well.

Update: Introduction to Theory of Everything is also updated.


This blog post was requested by dwarf… TOEBI’s successes, here you go… In theory-wise, TOEBI has been very successful indeed. No matter what was the topic, I have managed to calculate it in TOEBI or at least give a reasonable explanation according to it. But when we talk about successes in broader sense there will be a wall of fog weakening my vision.

What do I know for sure? I do have few individual supporters, who are working in fields like engineering and physics. We don’t have any collaborations ongoing but we do change some ideas every now and then and I get feedback from them. These people consider TOEBI as an interesting and new insight of reality.

Second group consists of physicists who are potentially interested in collaborating with me. At the moment, I’m having talks with some of these physicists in order to start experimenting my “antimatter” annihilation idea with solid hydrogen. But active experimental physicists are busy with their ongoing projects so I don’t think that anything concrete will happen immediately. I’m also amazed how hard it is for those physicists to get their research ideas through the bureaucracy.

The last thing I know for sure is who has been downloading my papers, at least previously, because currently my paper links point directly to Here’s few institutions based on my logs:

  • CERN
  • Fermilab
  • NASA
  • Harvard University
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imam Hossein University (Iranian nuclear technology orientated university)
  • Aalto University (largest university in Finland)
  • U.S. Justice Department (God knows why!)
  • countless other smaller universities and research organisations / companies
  • and many more which has slipped through my random log auditing

Paper downloads might have been done by students in those institutions as well as researchers and like. Ok, maybe CERN, Fermilab, NASA, Imam Hossein University and U.S. Justice Department downloads are made by hardcore researchers and like only.

That’s all I know about TOEBI’s successes. Interesting to see what new successes will emerge in next couple of years.

Particle Fever

I just managed to watch the movie, Particle Fever. Even though all of its grounds are not in line with TOEBI, especially that Higgs boson and its meaning, I kind of liked the outcome. First of all, the underlying story was just great. Huge amounts of time and money were spend along those years from the idea to the “discovery”, so many intelligent people were involved and so on… and even though I don’t buy Higgs boson and related field as a mass producer entity, I got a bit of emotional during the announcement at CERN. What a great story and a great movie!

In my previous Higgs related post I kind of went on full blown ranting mode, but to my excuse, it happened when I was young and furious 😉 See, people do change, no ranting anymore… And in that previous post, I also predicted that with higher energies we might get new particles. Well, to be honest, new particles are detected already with existing energies, so that prediction wasn’t that amazing.

Hopefully, some day, I manage get enough time to really ponder new Standard Model out, so far, TOEBI needs only FTEPs, electrons and photons, everything else is a pretty much some sort of combination of those three and/or particles spinning with different frequencies, but I won’t go into details in this post.

Conclusion: Check out the movie and enjoy the excitement!

Project for My Retirement Years

Don’t worry, I have more than 20 years until my retirement! Unless I choose to make an early retirement 😉 Right… the project. Just for fun I searched for cryocoolers and guess what? Used cryocoolers don’t cost as much as one might expect. With thousand bucks or so one can get a pretty decent cryocooler capable of bringing hydrogen under 13.99 K. Oh yeah, that means solid hydrogen!

With solid hydrogen I can, in theory, confirm the unique prediction of TOEBI regarding particle annihilation.

ToEbi 2 Years Old

Well well well… time flies indeed. In last year’s “interview” I speculated that in optimistic scenario ToEbi might break through in next 12 months, but it didn’t. Next 12 months don’t look any better in that sense either. Why? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences, and ToEbi surely belongs to the category.

I could write dozens of papers and talk with hundreds of physicists with very little traction. I have suggested all kinds of experiments to various physicists and asked penetrating questions in differents venues, all in vain. But there is also physicists who listens at first but after awhile get covered with disbelief and denial. Digging one’s head under the sand is always wise and productive, not!

What can I do? It depends on what I want. Do I know what I really want? I’m not so sure anymore. Anyway, now I know what the great filter is and the answer to Fermi paradox, that’s something, isn’t it?

No Place To Hide (Snowden)

I bought and read Glenn Greenwald’s book, No Place To Hide. It didn’t reveal too much of a new information on NSA mass surveillance program but never the less, it was very interesting inside story of the whole episode. Also, by buying the book, I did support financially mr. Greenwald’s efforts!

Book gave a good overlook in general how U.S. government disregards the privacy of an ordinary human being. It tries to collect all available data with its partners, and unfortunately Finland is one of those partners. Although, Finnish authorities claim that the collaboration is done purely on military issues. Well, what’s the definition of military issues? It might be rather broad definition indeed 😉

Another amazing thing is how obedient U.S. news organisations are. They, according to the book, have to consult with the government before releasing a potentially bad looking information! Wow! That ain’t free press to me. Fortunately, everyone can get a second opinion or a different point of view on broadcasted matters from other sources.

I’ll bet mr. Greenwald’s book will be a huge hit!