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Happy Holidays!

It would have looked silly to wish a merry Christmas so soon after the previous Christmas post and so few posts between. What can I say? I haven’t discarded TOEBI but putting energy into writing something meaningful just didn’t happen. More energy has gone into studying physics which is always good. At the same time, I’m reflecting how things might work at ether level.

Bottom line is that everything interesting in physics seem to emerge from ether vortices… My previous post touched those vortices at galactic scales. What I didn’t mention was that the same vortex behavior could explain dark energy. There just is large enough FTEP vortices which aren’t contained inside any other vortex hence get pushed away from each other.

But explaining existing phenomena is postdicting and not so exciting per se. My prediction is that it’s possible to accelerate radioactive decay all the way up to the point where proton decay starts to occur. Proper understanding on how things work in subatomic level in ether will teach us how to do that. Meanwhile… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dark Matter Web Between Galaxies

You all have seen the news about how dark matter web connects galaxies. Shorter the distance between two galaxies then stronger the dark matter bridge is. What interests me quite a bit is do those connected galaxies have aligned spinning vectors (if rotational galaxies) with the bridge’s orientation near the bridge-galaxy connection points?

If the answer is yes then I’ll be convinced that those dark matter bridges are indeed large scale FTE (Force Transfer Ether) vortices. Such vortices could have a major role when explaining flat rotation curves. Basically rotating galaxy would be an ordinary matter blob inside a huge scale FTE vortex which gets divided into a smaller vortices (having the same axis line) each containing a solar system.

Because smaller vortices are captured inside a larger vortex they won’t fly away too easily which is part of the explanation for flat rotation curves. The other part comes from the fact that vortices having the same rotational direction pushes each other apart which helps keep smaller vortices (a.k.a. solar systems) at the same pace.

Why stellar movements near the galactic core behaves according to Newton’s law but things get bizarre farer away from the core? Perhaps those smaller, solar system sized, vortices get broken when there is too much normal mass packed into a same volume. Or perhaps there is a certain amount of these solar system sized vortices per galaxy which simple get pushed, by each other, on the sides of a galaxy.

Surely flat rotation curves deserve a blog post of its own.

Update: I asked Michael Hudson if they paid any attention to galaxies’ spinning vectors, unfortunately they didn’t. However, I got a link to very interesting material regarding various large scale alignments. One part gave some confirmation to my thoughts. I’ll follow the references and dig deeper…

Merry Christmas Once Again

Well, it’s the time again, Christmas, and I’m speechless. I haven’t done anything relevant with TOEBI for the whole year, shame on me. Hopefully Santa is going to give me more motivation for the next year’s efforts on TOEBI. Also, motivation is needed for the ongoing new FQXi essay contest, Wandering Towards a Goal. How can mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intention?

Without further due… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


TOEBI 4 Years Old

Wow, that was a slow progress year indeed, at least visibly. I have studied various topics (i.e. electromagnetic, gravitational interaction, QM) more thoroughly and figured out how various phenomena related to studied topics emerge from TOEBI artifacts. Next step is to write those observations and Eureka moments down, needed but more boring part of the job. Few FTE density experiments were done but those went awry (i.e. Reduced FTE Density), despite those failures, new experiments are cooking.

After 4 years my pace for developing TOEBI has gone down considerably, interests change my friend. I have also noticed that the slower pace enables me enjoy more of the journey, taking side roads once in awhile is refreshing. Also achieving the new level/paradigm in physics might come with a hefty price, hence no hurries here. Bottom line, the ultimate reason for the journey is to gain understanding about the deepest mechanisms of Nature, quantum mechanism is just an interface for those mechanisms.

I hope you have had a great summer so far. Keep on rocking!

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a merry christmas. Also, I want to thank you for your interest and support during the year. Things went pretty good in toebi-wise, I managed to find two pretty simple experiments which can prove that I’m on the right track. My main goal for the next year is to conduct the reduced FTE density experiment in more rigorous way and I already have few ideas how to enhance it (update (01-05-2016) i.e. by putting magnets inside the frame).

I’m also a bit hesitant about the experiment. If TOEBI is really the TOE then reduced FTE density might the long sought great filter. Under that light, is it really wise or necessary to go for it? However, the phenomenon could be used for so many noble purposes, i.e. getting rid of nuclear waste like Berry mentioned or for energy production, so the pros are making the phenomenon so exciting. All in all, my point is that we are living in extremely exciting times!

That’s It

I have to admit… I don’t have enough time and knowledge for developing TOEBI properly, unfortunately. This situation has eaten up my motivation to the point which has reduced even more the time spent on TOEBI development, nice vicious circle… And I don’t see any better circumstances in near future, hence I give up, at least for now. You can read about the latest efforts from Theory of Everything by Illusion 2.0.

But I won’t abandon TOEBI, I just concentrate on more fruitful aspects of it, for example on experiments. Now you ask how can I conduct experiments if I can’t first calculate the predictions?  Well, there is couple of experiments which are doable and TOEBI gives exciting predictions about the outcomes. The first experiment is about to happen in November and I’ll write about it in advance, most likely in October.

At least the first experiment won’t require very much time nor material. I just need to make few thought experiments and ethical thinking first.


Heureka indeed… The missing piece of the puzzle. But this time, I want to proceed differently. Now I can qualitatively explain the behaviour of a magnetic fields and phenomena related to them, but I want more. This more means certain corrections to TOEBI but the gain makes it worthwhile, we’ll have the complete toolset for every particle related calculation.

What’s going to happen?

  1. I’ll stop writing this blog until I have finished my paper and I don’t have any idea for how long that will take. Surely I’ll answer your questions in comments but that’s all.
  2. The paper will satisfy scientific requirements, hence it should be peer reviewed and published. I’ll ask your feedback before submitting the paper.
  3. TOEBI 2.0 will be launched.

That’s all folks!

TOEBI 3 Years Old

Once again another year has gone… it’s time to recap some of the highlights from the past year. At first, a lot has happened! I personally have learned a lot about different phenomena and mathematics in physics. Also, I have had the pleasure to enjoy feedback from professional physicists like Berry and Yop. Both of these advances have guided TOEBI into more correct form which means, on the other hand, that some of the old ideas were dropped, i.e. the attempt to explain magnetic fields by static electron spinning vectors.

What is the current situation? According to Berry, there is no point for me to continue because I have failed so many times in my attempts to deliver something out of TOEBI. I can understand his point, but the thing which I don’t understand, is what other reasonable underlying explanations there can be for Nature and its phenomena other than concrete, spherical, spinning objects, under the hoods of quantum mechanics and relativity? And being satisfied with the mainstream physics theories’ depth looks like a failure to me. I believe we can do much better.

What can I do and what I’ll have to do? To be more convincing, I need to go back to basics, FTEP dynamics it is. By creating a compact toolset from existing TOEBI principles which can be used in explaining and calculating every possible physical phenomena should do the trick. Is it doable? It should be if I’m right about the underlying reality of Nature. Can I do it? That’s another question…

…But at least I’m f**king trying!!! Yuri Milner and other billionaires, few million euros would speed up the process considerably 😉

Paradigm Shift

I had my one week early summer vacation and I headed to Stockholm with my family. We just browsed through the usual attractions and from my request we visited also Nobel museum in Gamla Stan, kind of small and crowded place I would say. I suggest that one should visit the place absolutely off-season. Here are the mandatory pictures from the museum… with about 1.5 EUR one can buy her own (sweat) Nobel prize and no, I didn’t buy one.

20150603_112601 20150603_113114

The best place for me was the shop at the museum, there was all sorts of tourist stuff but also a bunch of interesting books related to sciences. One member from our traveling party purchased me a book as a souvenir and so I did select Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions!

First of all, the book was kind of hard to read, used language was very elaborate and I lost frequently the thread in a sentence. Nevertheless the message itself was loud and clear, paradigms do change via scientific crisis, albeit extremely slowly on human timescale. Well, no news here… almost! Because physics is currently experiencing a huge crisis. Dark matter and energy as its main issues. Problems with gravitational interaction in theory wise, variations with \(G\), flyby anomalies, what are mass and inertia. Wasted years with String theories etc. Also by reading some of the physics blogs one can notice how viciously trained physicists attack on the alternative theories, just as described in Kuhn’s book (first printed in 1962), paradigms defend themselves. It’s ok to attack an alternative theory if it sucks from a mile’s distance but if a theory shows some potential it should be explored a bit more and yes, TOEBI belongs to the later category.

Naturally I believe that the next big paradigm will be TOEBI which is able to include quantum theory, relativity theories and explain dark matter and energy, all the ingredients for the theory of everything. According to Kuhn, I most likely won’t enjoy the fruits of TOEBI because a paradigm shift takes so much time, bummer! That might be the case indeed, however, I have an ace in my sleeve… antimatter!

According to TOEBI, one can annihilate particles without at first generating contemporary antiparticles with various contemporary ways. The biggest challenge is to control particles’ spinning orientation and keep them at the wanted orientation before putting them together. If that can be done then annihilation through particle-particle interaction will be doable. I have previously presented that with two solid hydrogen blocks one can accomplish a major simultaneous annihilation event. The problem is that a block of solid hydrogen induces an unwanted spinning axis motion (rotation) for the contained protons.

One solution could be the usage of two solid hydrogen monolayers… Anyway, my point is that by succeeding in this annihilation endeavor I might be able to see and enjoy the future TOEBI paradigm. Now I’m “enjoying” a flu picked up from my Stockholm visit… Hot tea and honey, please!

FQXi Essay Contest – Spring, 2015

Once again FQXi Community put up an essay contest, this time with theme Trick or Truth: the Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics. I have pondered the issue previously so I decided to participate the contest. My essay, “Mathematics, Physics and Nature” looks at the connection through TOEBI glasses and hopefully it receives constructive and interested feedback from the other contestants. In couple of days my essay will be visible and also you can participate the conversation in FQXi’s contest forum.

So, what’s my essay all about? As you probably already know, Force Transfer Ether (FTE) plays a huge role in TOEBI. FTE enables particle interactions and its density affects the magnitude of interactions as well as the rate of measured time. I tried to put all the interesting and relevant information regarding FTE into the essay but in reality an accurate explanation and coverage would require a series of books and tons of additional work.

Writing my essay explains partially the recent silence in TOEBI blog and I also recently purchased Celestron Omni XLT 127 telescope… needless to say, fooling around with quality telescope consumes enormous amounts of time. Luckily it’s a hobby for whole family!