Skipping Fusion Economy?

If we can build asteroid busting devices based on TOEBI’s antimatter concept then we should pull off electric power production based on the same concept as well. At first I thought that such a thing is impossible due to technical difficulties, for example, how in Earth one can manage to maintain a sufficient annihilation level? And in controlled manner!

Obviously we need to have a core which heats up the water. Ok then, we annihilate a needed and safe amount of protons. We can’t heat up the water too much at once, otherwise turbines and other accessories would get broken. So there must be a mechanism which enables more or less constant feeding of protons to be annihilated. But how such a mechanism could work? I mean,  inserting solid hydrogen ready to get annihilated inside hot water can’t be the easiest task.

Maybe some kind of insulated rod (holding prepared solid hydrogen at the end) could be pushed into middle of the core and then blasted away…? Maybe… maybe. At the moment I can’t imagine another way round. Man, I should have my own lab!

Anyway, presented idea for electric power production is extremely safe and very little toxic waste is produced. Actually, the amount of toxic waste depends entirely on design of the rods. There is no possibility for uncontrolled energy releasing because those rods must be inserted into the core. Even in the unfortunate case when the whole core would explode (for any reason) used material (small amounts of hydrogen) won’t pose a serious hazard, it would just burn away.

7 thoughts on “Skipping Fusion Economy?

  1. Those technical articles are getting boring!

    It’s now over 2 years that TOEBI is out, why not make some
    article with a list of people/institutions who support or are
    at least consider TOEBI?

    Let’s celebrate the success achieved so far 🙂

  2. Those technical articles are getting boring!

    Make some article about TOEBI’s sucesses achieved so far 🙂

  3. Yes, please do!

    (Actually, this is just a test whether the CAPTCHA error occurs only at older posts.)


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