The Great Filter II

I have been talking about the topic previously and unfortunately more the time has passed and more I have studied TOEBI then bleaker our future appears. Gamma ray burst due to the full blown particle destruction chain reaction a.k.a. The Great Filter is about to hit us. It can happen anytime and we can’t do anything about it. So now you understand the bleak part of our future.

What do I mean with that we can’t do anything about it? Well… we can’t stop the scientific progress, can we? I doubt it. How could we? In case of The Great Filter I’m referring at the development of particle physics. Mainstream particle physicists are not stupid, eventually they will realize the same thing than I have realized, you can annihilate particle without producing, through high energy process, its antiparticle. You only have to realize what’s behind the particle spin and that’s not too big of step from today’s knowledge.

Every sensible individual understands what to do, right? Just don’t go in there! Just don’t! The problem is that mainstream physicists don’t know about this potentially devastating risk involved with their experiments. On the other hand, how do one inform and warn about it? It’s like talking to a deaf ears… ironic.

Let’s imagine that for some miracle reason we manage to stop the scientific progress. Do you think that would concern a secret military research programs or otherwise mentally defected dictators etc from developing antimatter based doomsday devices? That’s right… we are about to hit The Great Filter.

And just FYI Elon Musk, you can’t escape The Great Filter by habiting Mars, gamma ray burst most likely annihilates nearby planets too. What can I say? At least we shouldn’t worry about little things and we should enjoy our lives as much as possible. In case you don’t believe in my message that’s one way to go, after all, ignorance is bliss.

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