Antimatter Based Application

I finally managed to put together the latest theoretical know-how concerning antimatter based high yield energy production. Without further due… check out Antimatter Bomb. The paper lays out the theoretical blueprint for antimatter based bomb, it presents needed core material (solid hydrogen), theoretical requirements and used method. The paper does not describe any technical requirements, engineering solutions and so on. Pulling off a technical solution take (most likely) several years, hence sooner we start the research then bigger are the chances for preventing surprise asteroids.

I regard my paper as informative as saying that by splitting Uranium-235 atoms with neutrons we can release energy, it’s just theoretical knowledge. Of course antimatter based energy production as described in the paper is easier to accomplish than e.g. fission based energy production, but never the less, it’s just theoretical knowledge, and on top of that, it’s highly speculative paper!

I do hope that my paper generates some debate and possibly encourages some bold experimental particle physicists to give it a try. Let’s hope for the best!


4 thoughts on “Antimatter Based Application

  1. If waiting is boring for you then can you imagine how frustrating and boring it’s for me? Luckily, I have my family, friends and job outside of physics which keep me busy during this waiting period. I can even live with the possibility that TOEBI doesn’t break at all, it’s not the end of the world to me.

    I have plan B in case of nothing happens. I can always start experimenting by myself. Naturally that requires more available time so it can’t happen in my current situation.

    Edit: Also, I would like to collaborate with a seasoned experimental (particle) physicist(s), for the safety reasons and in order to gain more traction among physics society.

  2. Read your paper. I particuclarly liked your final note:

    > Any agency or private enterprise should consult with the author
    > before conducting any experiments related to presented theoretical blueprint.

    Good one! Otherwise they might forget…

    Has there already been any reaction, e.g. from any agency or private enterprise?

  3. Nope… and I won’t hold my breath either. Currently my best option is making contacts with experimental physicists and pitch my experiment to them and that’s what I’m doing.

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