Who’s The Leader?

Country (or countries) who adopts first the ToEbi predicted antimatter phenomena and technology has a HUGE advantage over the other countries in every way. It will be very entertaining to see how events emerge in future. Key roles are possessed by U.S., China, India, Ukraine, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. I’m currently collaborating with physicists from Saudi Arabia, so that country is definitely among the front runners.

Some serious interest is coming also (for some reason) from Ukraine, Iran and Israel. I can understand Iran and Israel, but Ukraine? I’m clueless on that one. Well, what ever the reason is… good for you Ukraine! 🙂

China and U.S. generate a lots of scientific traffic to this site, general blog readers as well as paper downloads. By scientific traffic I mean traffic originated from universities, labs (like Fermilab) and high tech companies. Certainly there is something cooking under the surface… When we will hear about the outcomes? Good question… From my behalf everything will be ready during this year. Ok, I can’t predict how long it takes to get our results published, but it shouldn’t take too long (scientific letter).

We are living in extremely exciting era in physics! I better make some popcorn, sit back, put my feet up and watch the show, at least when it hits the fan 😀 One more thing… China and Saudi Arabia are the leaders at the moment!

10 thoughts on “Who’s The Leader?

  1. > China and U.S. generate a lots of scientific traffic to this site

    How about the stats currently? How many daily visitors?

  2. Top countries are (in order): U.S.A., Finland, Ukraine, China, Germany and France, so the top is changed a bit. The amount of daily visitors has increased also from March 2014 when it was in average 207, current average for October is 260.

  3. > current average for October is 260

    Wow, that is a lot!

    Wonder why no one (except me) writes comments ?

  4. Maybe those hits are mostly search-bots from google, facebook, yahoo,…

    That would explain it.

  5. That’s strange.

    You got 260 visitors daily but no one (except moi) writes any comment.

    Any idea, why that might be?

  6. That’s strange indeed… Maybe it’s that real physicists don’t want to leave any comments (except once) on highly speculative theory and the rest just don’t bother. We have to remember that in order to comment intelligently one has to read TOEBI papers a bit.

    Kind of Fermi paradox 🙂

  7. > Kind of Fermi paradox 🙂

    Yes, truly a great mystery…

    > Maybe it’s that real physicists don’t want to leave any comments (except once)

    Which comment do you refer to ?

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