GRB Light Curves

For various reasons I suspect that gamma ray bursts are partially “man-made” and therefore the obvious great filter candidate.

GRBs come in various durations and radiation signatures, so can they really be “man-made”? How can those short and hour lasting events be triggered by some intelligent civilization and what explains the detected duration variations?

Source: Wikipedia

Let’s hypothesize that ignited GRB chain reaction proceeds with the speed of light. How long would it take in case of Earth (diameter \(\approx 12740\) km)? It would take only \(\approx 0.04\) seconds! Annihilating for example Moon would take \(\approx 0.01\) seconds. Detected duration from billions of light years away would be even shorter than those theoretical time frames. Depending on the amount of surrounding matter and other factors involved in the annihilation process detected radiation peaks can be sharp and/or smooth.

How long it would take if we started a GRB here on Earth to annihilate both Earth and Moon? Well, it wouldn’t take too long for sure… approximately \(1.3\) second! And it’s radiation profile would include two radiation peaks. Interesting… let’s stretch our imagination and say that we would manage to annihilate also Mars when it were pretty close to us, something like \(5.6*10^{7}\) km away. In that unfortunate case the whole chain reaction would take \(\approx 187\) seconds! (Including three peaks; two initial peaks would be very close to each other)

Different solar systems around the universe come in many different setups which can explain all kinds of GRB profiles. Why sometimes more than one stellar object is annihilated? It has to depend on the initial annihilating object. If a larger object is the ground zero then it’s more likely to take a neighbouring stellar object within the chain reaction. But in case of smaller initially annihilating object or in case of a bigger distance between two neighbouring objects chances are that only one stellar object is annihilated. So it doesn’t mean that in case of a GRB chain reaction the whole solar system will be wiped out, but it surely can.

In case of total annihilation of solar system, the expected time frame would be (in case of our solar system and Earth was the ground zero) something like \(260\) minutes… over four hours. This calculation surely makes one think.


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