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It has taken over an year to go through my todo list and reach the concept of black hole. So I give it now a deeper thought. At first I must admit that I don’t like mathematical singularities. Math is abstract, universe is not. So we shouldn’t go all the way with math and make very profound predictions near the mathematical singularities. Black hole is one such prediction. Following ideas etc can be derived directly from ToEbi.

1. Possible BH is a blob.

Basic building blocks in our universe are the electrons. Every hadron contains electrons. What will be the most likely outcome if we squeeze a bunch of hadrons tightly together? Would it be a new single particle made of electrons and its cross section is measured in stellar scale? Hardly. If that kind of setup is stable we could try it out. It actually is tried out! But it won’t last. Only reasonable outcome is that possible black hole is an elementary particle. That sounds extremely speculative and heretic 🙂 It’s created pretty much like any other elementary particle, by compression. So no magic here.

Stellar size particle is quite interesting creature. It most certainly doesn’t offer any buffer for collisions with another normal particle. So photons just crash into it, no Compton or Thomson scattering. So it actually is BLACK when it comes to an interaction between it and photons (and electrons and neutrinos). How about interactions between BH and an other particles? It depends… on velocity of those interacting participants and on few other things. The bottom line is that there don’t need to be unavoidable destruction of those particles at least in a way how elementary particles are destroyed.

2. It’s most likely spinning.

Depending on BH creation mechanism, BH’s age, its path and encounters it’s most likely that BH is spinning at extremely high frequency (can be calculated). It’s however possible that it isn’t spinning but not very likely. So, we have a new spinning elementary particle ready to rock & roll 😀 As an any elementary particle BH is capable of interacting with FTEPs so BH experience forces like gravitational interaction.

Like any spinning elementary particle BH also creates movement into FTE. And this is the key element in order to understand the mechanism behind relativistic jets! Those jets are actually created when matter is captured into the inward spiraling FTE vortex of the BH, as simple as that.

Ok, this was a short and very general description for black holes. But the idea of BH as an elementary particle holds and is a good starting point for the larger BH theory. And so my todo list got another action point 🙂


2 thoughts on “Black Holes by ToEbi

  1. i agree with much of your POV. re Black Holes. It seems the BH is the alpha and omega of existence. Begins as a singularity (The Prime Particle) and we end with a big ‘flush’ down a BH. What’s in between is all virtual since the conservation principle dictates we begin from ‘Null’ and end leaving ‘Null’. ‘Quantum Nullality’, ha!

  2. It’s always uplifting to hear that other people have same kinds of thoughts! Your concept “The Prime Particle” is actually very clever and spot on.

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