AMS, The “dark matter” hunter

We got a teaser result last wednesday from AMS project and an article from here. Another attempt to discover so called dark matter. Almost total waste of time and money! How come physics is in this situation? I can’t f**king believe it!

The real explanation for those high energy positrons is so obvious. We do live in Milky way which has a certain rotation direction preference inherited down to element particle level. If we find an exception, like Venus, it will only show us signs of slowing down and eventually changing its rotation direction. Ok, what happens when different spin direction particles are created (like electron and positron)? Based on The Third Law of ToEbi the answer is crystal clear. Different spin direction particles generate pushing force between them. Did you get it now? 🙂

No? Picture this… Large mass like a star creates electrons and positrons and this happens in our dear Milky way. Created electrons and positrons may have a certain kinetic energy in the beginning. But positrons get an extra energy because of that III Law of ToEbi! That explains why there is a smaller fraction of positrons in lower energies compared to high energies. God damn! Is this really so hard to get by physicists? Apparently 🙂


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