Antimatter Bomb (part I)

This blog post is the first in a serie covering an antimatter bomb. Word bomb has a very negative spin on it, but we have to remember that bomb-like behaviour is extremely usable in many situations beneficial to us. Perhaps the most beneficial in a case where we have to tackle incoming, potentially devastating, asteroid. Conventional nuclear weapons can’t do the trick, but antimatter based bomb can! If we ever (and statistically we will) have to deal with such a situation we better pursuit this new weapons type.

Many people have asked me if it’s possible to build an antimatter bomb. To be honest with you, building such a device is possible and it’s relatively easy task. You don’t need to collect and enrich some scarce element like uranium-235 or re-process nuclear waste in order to get weapons-grade plutonium, and those actions need a considerable amount of time, money, engineering skills and people (a.k.a. hard to accomplish in secrecy).

What are the requirements for building an antimatter bomb? Antimatter bomb (based on ToEbi) doesn’t need scarce materials at all, plain vanilla hydrogen atoms will do just fine. So, the absolutely biggest obstacle is avoided. Even high school student is capable of generating and collecting hydrogen, at least in gaseous form. Warning! Do not play around with hydrogen gas, it most likely blows up your ass!

Ok then, we have the needed material, what else? Naturally we have to enable annihilation events. You should check for starter my previous blog post, which describes the basic principles (with electrons). I’ll continue on that later on…


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