Theory of Everything by Illusion (TOEBI) is simple, powerful and testable theory. Development of the theory started on July, 2012 and it's ongoing process. TOEBI predicts new way to annihilate particles, high energy methods for antiparticle creation are not needed.

Main idea in TOEBI is a classical particle spin and force transfer ether (FTE). With two hypothesis and three laws every force interaction can be described and calculated. Many physics anomalies (dark energy, dark matter, flyby anomaly, where's all antimatter? et cetera) can be easily explained and calculated by TOEBI. Also the essence of energy, relativity, force and mass is revealed.

Kimmo Rouvari

Kimmo Rouvari

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  1. I was wondering about the capitalization of ToEbi:

    Why is "Theory" and "Everything" in capital letters, but "illusion" is not?

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