Thoughts on Flyby Anomaly

It's almost the time for the results of Juno's Earth flyby. I'm considering one year as the deadline for NASA publishing and in less than three weeks, we'll hit the deadline. My previous ideas about how to calculate an amount of flyby anomaly were wrong or inadequate. TOEBI is not in the level of explaining adequately why and with what magnitude a flyby anomaly occurs.

However, the key factor is a spacecraft's spinning frequency. Every previous flyby anomalies can be determined by it. When a spacecraft hits the perigee it has gained approximately a half of its maximal anomalous additional velocity, no matter what's its mass, velocity or incoming angles etc. Ok, why approximately half of its maximal anomalous additional velocity? Well, also spacecraft's spinning plane is a factor, but in most of the cases, spinning plane has been towards Earth's center when the perigee is hit.

Juno had its spinning plane towards Earth's center at perigee. Measured spinning frequency at that point was 1/30.24 1/s. In TOEBI, particles and stellar objects generate interaction through spinning, which effects by factor of f^2, so it's natural to expect the same in cases of flyby anomaly. Now, we get the number f^2 \approx 0.00109, which is my prediction for Juno's anomalous speed increase at perigee. But wait a minute, where are the units, m/s? Good question... I don't know! I haven't figured out it yet, it just works, ok.

There has been numerous flybys over time and every time the spacecraft has been spinning with its spinning plane towards Earth near the perigee, anomalous speed increase has been detected. No spinning, no flyby anomaly! And in cases of spinning spacecraft, detected speed increase matches my f^2 pattern, except in cases where there has been mid flyby maneuvers or flyby occurred at too low altitude (atmosphere caused drag).

After the perigee, spacecraft is still gaining an extra acceleration (hence speed increase) due to its spinning. In most cases, after perigee speed increase is pretty much as big as speed increase gained before the perigee. Those two would be identical if spinning frequency and plane were symmetrical before and after the perigee. Unfortunately, in case of Juno, there happened something at the perigee which caused Juno to go into the safe mode and that might have caused some changes to both spinning frequency and orientation of spinning plane.

I hope, that after published NASA results I'll get my (fulltime) chance to develop TOEBI further so that it will be capable of explaining the flyby anomaly mechanism in detail.

Armageddon Prevention

The Name of the Game - Antimatter Bomb, that's the only way prevent Armageddon in reality. According to the mainstream physics antimatter bomb isn't an option, it takes too long and too much energy produce enough antimatter for the prevention purpose. Also storing antimatter is overwhelmingly difficult, current record time is somewhere near 15 minutes. Conclusion, antimatter bomb based solution is impossible...

... or is it? Let's see what TOEBI offers. Based on TOEBI, antimatter bomb is in theory relatively easy to build, see my previous posts on the topic. Testing my idea is done pretty easily, you can do it either with electrons or with protons and needed details can be found from those previous blog posts. Do mainstream physicists really have the balls not to make the experiment? I mean, every lost week, month, year diminishes our chances in case of incoming devastating asteroid. Apparently they have the balls! Most likely explanation is their ignorance and arrogance, those who are not familiar with my theory are ignorant and those who are familiar with, are just arrogant.

What can I do? Not that much by myself, but you can help me... spread the word! We might have a fighting chance in case of potential Armageddon, even in case of late discovery. Let's make the mainstream physicists try out my idea! Costs are minimal but the potential gain is astronomical.

Particle Fever

I just managed to watch the movie, Particle Fever. Even though all of its grounds are not in line with TOEBI, especially that Higgs boson and its meaning, I kind of liked the outcome. First of all, the underlying story was just great. Huge amounts of time and money were spend along those years from the idea to the "discovery", so many intelligent people were involved and so on... and even though I don't buy Higgs boson and related field as a mass producer entity, I got a bit of emotional during the announcement at CERN. What a great story and a great movie!

In my previous Higgs related post I kind of went on full blown ranting mode, but to my excuse, it happened when I was young and furious ;) See, people do change, no ranting anymore... And in that previous post, I also predicted that with higher energies we might get new particles. Well, to be honest, new particles are detected already with existing energies, so that prediction wasn't that amazing.

Hopefully, some day, I manage get enough time to really ponder new Standard Model out, so far, TOEBI needs only FTEPs, electrons and photons, everything else is a pretty much some sort of combination of those three and/or particles spinning with different frequencies, but I won't go into details in this post.

Conclusion: Check out the movie and enjoy the excitement!

Hoping For The Best

I'm usually pretty optimistic guy, everything goes eventually just fine... no, there won't be any rain at the golf course even though the sky is almost black, sure there's enough food for everyone, relax...  etc. My friends and my wife keep on nagging about it, but that's just me, an optimistic guy. Naturally I'm not optimistic in every situation.

To me, TOEBI is currently a white swan, but for the rest of the world it's definitely a black swan (the concept from Taleb's book). Everything goes as smoothly as normally until the moment when this new ultimate black swan enters the scene... and we are gone for good. Other civilizations wonder yet another gamma ray burst (GRB) from an area lacking a potential GRB source. Yeah, keep on wondering... your time will come eventually.

There I said it, see, I'm not that optimistic guy anymore. But why I'm so pessimistic about our future? Well, the problem is with the ease of causing a GRB. I won't go into details but it won't need much of the equipment, it needs only proper understanding of the nature and voilà you have The Great Filter in front of your noses.

What can we do in order to prevent the doom? Not much... I wrote an essay (which participated FQXi essay contest 2014) about what to do, Plan, but that ain't gonna save us. Escaping the planet far enough takes too much time. In case of GRB we are not in a safe distance in many, many, many years with the current technology. Antimatter based technology might give us the needed tools for escaping far enough but at that point the doom is just about hit us... so no escape possible.

But optimistic guy like me see something optimistic even in our future pessimistic destiny... The End won't hurt and it's equal to all ;) Also the knowledge of our potential destiny frees us to enjoy the moment fully.

Realism And Locality

Originally this post was published partly for about month ago but I didn't have proper time to finish it. Better luck this time...

Both of them comes for free and naturally with TOEBI (notice the new writing style for ToEbi). Locality is one thing that makes sense to most mainstream physicists. But in current QM, realism is abandoned. Let's see what we can do about it.

Based on TOEBI, particles are concrete, rotating, spherical objects, just like a rotating ball or something hence realism is given. There is all the time "well" known TOEBI defined spin vector attached to a particle. Picture below presents the correlation between TOEBI defined spin and spin concept used in mainstream physics.


As you can see, there is a little mismatch between TOEBI spin (vector) and QM spin, so it gives me always an extra headache when I'm converting these concepts back and forth for example when reading QM papers. Bottom line is that TOEBI spin vector presents realism, it just exists all the time with certain values (a direction, a spinning frequency), measured or not.

The question goes, does TOEBI realism agree with QM predictions? It sure does! Continue reading

Taking a Break

I have at the moment difficulties to find the time and willpower to write about TOEBI and not to mention develop it further. There is multiple reasons...

  1. No extra time available. TOEBI isn't my full-time activity/job. I have few ideas for changing the situation but nothing will realise in the near future though. I'll let you know when there is news in this front.
  2. Motivation dip. Who the heck can keep on pushing forever by burning midnight oil? I can't :) My motivation is clearly dipped, but I hope by fixing the first pointer this motivation issue gets fixed too.
  3. The great filter! What if I'm right with my theory? In the worst case scenario we might end up being nothing but high energy photons, that's nice... not. I really don't know what to do with this issue. I need to ponder it hard and thoroughly.

Let's see what the future brings. For example, there should be Juno Earth flyby results online within couple of months. If my prediction 1.09 mm/s at perigee is correct that will qualify as a motivation boost for sure ;)

Update (Late September): For some reason, I have gained back my motivation. Maybe soon incoming Juno's Earth flyby results did the trick...

Sun Bending Starlight

Let's figure out how much our Sun bends starlight according to ToEbi. We have all the needed initial figures.

  • Mass of Sun: 1.98*10^{30} kg
  • Photon mass: 6.62606957*10^{34} kg (Planck constant which in reality is photon mass)
  • (Stellar) rotation frequency of Sun: \approx 800*10^{-9} 1/s
  • Sun's radius: 696 342 000 m

By integrating over 500 seconds we get pretty much the half of the impulse deflecting starlight.

\int_0^{500} \! G_{sun}\frac{M_{sun}M_{photon}}{\sqrt{696342000^2+(t*299792458)^2}^2} \, \mathrm{d}t \approx 3.15*10^{-33} \text{ J}

Hence the total impulse \approx 6.3*10^{-33} J and deflection angle is then

\frac{6.3*10^{-33}}{h*c} \approx \sin \alpha

Which gives \alpha \approx 3.17*10^{-8} rad, however, the measured angle is 8.5*10^{-6} rad. So, according to ToEbi, Sun's gravitational influence per se doesn't bend starlight as much as observed. There have to be another mechanism also behind the observed deflection.

Let's focus on atomic level interaction between matter and light. What we are looking for is a phenomenon where we observe the bending of light without dispersion like behaviour where the amount of bending depends also on light's wavelength. I will write a paper of its own regarding this matter or write a chapter into future Introduction to ToEbi.

Update: Picture below gives a hint about what's going on...

Changes in star positions during the eclipse of 1922.

Project for My Retirement Years

Don't worry, I have more than 20 years until my retirement! Unless I choose to make an early retirement ;) Right... the project. Just for fun I searched for cryocoolers and guess what? Used cryocoolers don't cost as much as one might expect. With thousand bucks or so one can get a pretty decent cryocooler capable of bringing hydrogen under 13.99 K. Oh yeah, that means solid hydrogen my dear reader :D

With solid hydrogen I can confirm pretty easily the unique prediction of ToEbi regarding particle annihilation. Funny thing is that playing around with solid hydrogen is cheaper than making my case with two decent electron guns, fancier outcome with lesser money.

Obviously, now I'm wondering should I build the setup now instead of waiting over 20 years... I might better think this through while resting in my garden swing ;)

Sun - Earth - Moon

In this post I'll do some calculations involving our Sun, Earth and Moon. Let's start with Sun and Earth. How much mass Sun has? Based on Newton, the mass of Sun is 1.9891*10^{30} kg. Based on ToEbi, the mass of Sun is


where G_{sun} = 0.5*f_{sun}^2 \approx 0.5*800*10^{-9^2} which gives us M_{sun} \approx 1.98*10^{30} kg. Total rotation frequency of Sun is an estimation [1] combining the rotation frequency of the core and outer layer.

Ok then, how about our Moon? Current estimation is  7.34767309 * 10^{22} kg. Based on ToEbi, the mass of Moon can be calculated from

1.62 = G_{moon} \frac{M_{moon}}{1737100^2}

where G_{moon} \approx 8.97*10^{-14}, hence M_{moon}\approx 5.449695*10^{25} kg! That's right, Moon has a bigger mass than Earth! But Moon orbits Earth, not the other way round! That's right, the big difference comes from Moon's much smaller rotation frequency.

How about forces between Sun, Moon and Earth (based on ToEbi)?

  • Sun - Earth: \approx 3.53*10^{22} N
  • Earth - Moon: \approx 1.47*10^{23} N
  • Sun - Moon: \approx 1.965*10^{21} N

So, there is no chance that Sun takes Moon from us :) At least not in the near future.


ToEbi 2 Years Old

Well well well... time flies indeed. In last year's "interview" I speculated that in optimistic scenario ToEbi might break through in next 12 months, but it didn't. Next 12 months don't look any better in that sense either :) Why? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences, and ToEbi surely belongs to the category.

I could write dozens of papers and talk with hundreds of physicists with very little traction. I have suggested all kinds of experiments to various physicists and asked penetrating questions in differents venues, all in vain. But there is also physicists who listens at first but after awhile get covered with disbelief, fear and denial. With fear I mean the fear of the consequences if (and when) I'm right. Digging one's head under the sand is always wise and productive, not!

What can I do? It depends on what do I want. Do I know what I really want? I'm not so sure anymore :D Like an year ago, I was sure, quick breakthrough and so on. What would that mean? Nothing positive in a long run. ToEbi breakthrough means factually devising antimatter based explosion and that can't and won't be a positive thing on my CV ;) So, do you see my dilemma?

Anyway, now I KNOW what the great filter is and the answer to Fermi paradox, that's something, isn't it? It's dead planet orbiting.